The amazingly voracious Tegan M has managed to review another title already. Bravo Tegan! And many thanks to you!

I think the only reason I chose to review this book (WYRMWELD by Paul Stewart & Chris Riddell) was because of the cover. It had a dragon on the front, and I love reading stories about dragons. The blurb sounded very good, but the first page…ah, it was okay.
BUT, I have encountered heaps of books like this before, where they have a boring first page, but got more and more exciting the further I read. So I thought I would give this one a go.
90 pages in, and it still wasn’t getting better. It was just too wordy for me. It had a lot of description, so I really had to concentrate. A few more pages, and then, suddenly, it got exciting!
It was a mixture of romance, adventure, wyrmes (dragon-like creatures), and a boy called Micah. It was almost like I was standing next to him, watching as whitewrymes flew above us, and carrionwyrmes were picking at dead wyrmekith only a few feet away.
Yes, all the strange names are slightly confusing, but after a while, it all matches, creating an awesome adventure.
And, yeah, it wasn’t one of my most favorite books ever, but I really enjoyed it, and it was worth those boring 90 pages to get to the good bits. 
Anyone who like dragons (wyrmes in this case) adventure, romance, a little (maybe A LOT) of blood and descriptive writing, this is the book for you!

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