Student Review: MORTLOCK by Jon Mayhew

Special Guest Reviewer: Salome

MORTLOCK: You never knew your parents, then your uncle is killed by three odd aunts; and just before he dies, he tells you about the existence of your twin brother. When you finally meet him, he isn't at all like you imagined him to be, he is gross, odious and immature. On top of all, people are chasing you for a mysterious object that could change the world and they would not hesitate to kill you for it. Then, you discover the existence of a totally different world, full of lies and secrets. ‘Death is not the end’.

MORTLOCK is a fantastic novel by Jon Mayhew, the book is clearly written, isn't rushed and the ending is smooth. The story catches you from the beginning. It is also a funny book with a touch of black humour, as well as being a bit scary. The characters are well described, especially their feelings, the settings are also fairly well described. You can easily imagine the characters and the places in which the actions take place.

I especially liked how Jon Mayhew portrays actions which build up into a strong atmosphere of what is happening. I find it very interesting how the characters develop and change during the story right from the beginning to the end. I also really enjoyed reading the quotes that were at the start of each chapter as I thought they related well to the storyline and that they were smartly chosen.

I would recommend this book for children about 12 years and older, due to its more advanced vocabulary and its black humour. I think this book will be attracive to anybody that likes a complicated plot.

Thank you for your brilliant review, Salome. Hope you'll be able to contribute again!


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Salome and The Little Bookroom. It's a real thrill (and bit amazing) to think that Mortlock is being read so far afield!!! Look out for the Demon Collectors Next March (there's even a Salome in it!

  2. Fantastic cover. Your review made me quickly go and reserve it at the library. Looks great!

  3. Now available in paperback - looks amazing!