Student Review: GIRL SAVES BOY by Steph Bowe

Guest Reviewer: 
Chelsea H

GIRL SAVES BOY is novel is about a girl named Jewel Valentine, and a boy named Sacha Thomas. It is the debut of sixteen year old Melbournian author Steph Bowe, who has a popular online blog, “Hey! Teenager of the Year.”

It opens with Jewel saving Sacha’s life after she finds him drowning in a lake one night. Following this heroic event, the teens part ways, only to find that many coincidences begin to unfold – they meet up again at the same school, they have both lived in the very same house, and they both had the same career-driven best friend, True Grisham. It makes the reader feel as though the two were meant to find each other.

However, Jewel soon discovers that, just like herself, Sacha has secrets and troubles – just like her, he has lost loved ones, feels neglected, and has no plans for the future. To make everything worse, Sacha has a terminal disease, and the doctors have not given him much time.

Despite all of this, the novel is not overly downcast or doleful – it is perfectly pitched and bittersweet, and magically realistic. It makes you value your life and recognise the little things that we take for granted. The storyline is as quirky and artsy as the names of the characters - it is romantic, funny and melancholic all in one, and reveals the basic truth - everyone has their own complications in life.

GIRL SAVES BOY is an exciting adventure involving garden gnome theft, lobster emancipation, and a midnight Tim-Tam feast.

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