Huge thanks to Fenella for reviewing this intriguing crossover novel...

THE THIEF-TAKER"S APPRENTICE was written by Stephen Deas, and would be classified as a fantasy novel. The book is about a boy called Berren who is a thief. One day Berren tries to steal from a thief-taker, which is a person who is paid to find criminals, aka thieves. The thief-taker sees something in Berren and takes him as his apprentice. The book is mainly about Berren learning to become a thief-taker, as he and his master go on an 'adventure'.

I really enjoyed this book, I thought it was written very well and I really enjoyed how the author moved the story along quite quickly.

I would recommend this book for young adults who enjoy fast paced books with lots of action. I would not recommend it for people who enjoy books that are happy and optimistic.

Available October 2010  RRP$22.99

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