Bec Kavanagh reviews ANONYMITY JONES

ANONYMITY JONES, James Roy, March 2010 $17.95

ANONYMITY JONES has not been an easy book for me to review because it took me so long to decide whether or not I enjoyed it. So I stewed on it for a while, and realized that I loved the book, but that I didn’t always love the character. And I loved that.

After all, who can honestly say that they were everything they wanted to be in high school? And who honestly likes any teenage girl all of the time? The truth is, that in high school everything is heightened. Every romance is THE biggest, every heartbreak is the MOST crushing, and every friendship is the deepest that you could imagine. And if going through that emotional rollercoaster day after day was everything that people wanted for their lives, then everything after high school would probably come as a pale disappointment.

James Roy has created a character that you don’t always like, who makes decisions that you don’t always understand. And that’s exactly what makes Anonymity Jones so amazing. Because she actually could be your best friend, your big sister or your next door neighbor. And she’s funny. Sharp tongued and witty, Anonymity could easily be the person that you thought you wanted to be at school. But that doesn’t make her perfect. It does make her honest, and raw and REAL. And who wouldn’t want to read about someone like that?

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  1. I recently read Anonymity Jones and am still thinking about the review I'm going to write - unsure where to start. Like you I had some issues with Anonymity herself but I came to realise they were personal - something I loved - that a book could grab me like that. I loved the latter chapters - how they left me standing in Anonymity's shoes.